Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kid's App Series: BooClips Garfield's Pet Force

BooClips are some of the newest Apps to hit the market, and they are perfect for all those cold and rainy Fall days when you are struggling to keep the kids entertained. 

Garfield's Pet Force by BooClips is a read along interactive storybook with a cute superhero-esq plot that will have any age child rooting for the good guys! 

LoLo (my 4.5 year old son) is really into superheros right now, and just loved this story about Garfield and his Pet Force companions who fight for the greater good to defeat Vetvix and to return the Moscram to its rightful owner and bring peace to the world!  All in a day's work for Garfield, right?

The features of this BooClips book are just great, and different than many other apps out there.  Here is what we liked:
  • A short cartoon video on every page that shows you what took place on the pages you are reading.
  • The read-along feature which highlights each word as it is read by the characters.  Thank You BooClips for getting it right and highlighting each word at a time to help promote one-to-one correspondence!  (Sorry, that was the Reading Specialist in me talking!)
  • Text can be translated into Spanish
  • There is a 3D feature that you can use with special glasses to make the pictures pop out
  • There is an ASL feature for the hearing-imparied which translates the words into a video of an ASL translator.  We loved this feature!
  • You can read along with the story and record your own voice!
  • You can bookmark the pages to come back to next time.  This was a great feature because the story was a little long for my preschoolers to listen to on just one night (either that, or Mommy just wanted a drink to go to bed!)
BooClips Garfield's Pet Force is a great story that is appropriate for any age child.  The read-along feature, and video clips offer many different mediums for kid's to take in the story.  The storyline is funny and inventive and really kept the kid's attention the entire time!  This is a perfect App to download on those rainy and cold days when you just want to stay in and need to keep the kiddies entertained.


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