Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just For Mom: My Beating Heart Pillow...Send The Holiday Stress Away!

The holidays can be stressful! What with the family coming into town, the kids constantly fighting, the baby jumping off of furniture, and now two new puppies in the mix (yes, I am insane)...sometimes you just need time to unwind!  That is why I am so grateful for the new product I am testing out called My Beating Heart by Banana Design Lab.

This "pillow" (though the word hardly fits all that it does) is on the top of my Top Picks for Christmas 2011 list as "Just For Mom!"  Why? Because if anyone needs to destress at holiday time, it is Mom.

Here are some of the great features the My Beating Heart offers:
  • Simple design that makes it perfect to throw on the bed or couch (not too cutesy)
  • Great fabrics and colors (I LOVE the fuzzy green one-it is extremely soft)
  • Easy on/off switch located on the tag.  Also includes a beating light so you know it is activated
  • Built in timer that will shut off after 20 minutes
  • Best feature of all (of course) is the vibrating "heartbeat rhythms."  I can't explain it any better than the manufacturer (Banana Design Lab), so here is what they say:
    • "An amazing thing about My Beating Heart is that everytime you turn it on, an entirely unique heartbeat rhythm is created. In fact, every rhythm itself gradually changes and subtly dances, algorithically modelling the heartbeat in a deep meditative state. This isn't a pre-recorded rhythm and this isn't a "heartbeat sound." This is a physical heartbeat that realistically changes over time."
I have tried My Beating Heart at many different times of day, and found that it was extremely calming and relaxing to hold.  My heartbeat did sync with the pillow's rhythm, which helped to melt away all of the day's stress (and often times would put me to sleep).  I have even read that many people with insonmia or autism have had beneficial reactions to holding the My Beating Heart; however, I can only state for certain that it did wonders to knock out our new puppy who was yipping all night!

The My Beating Heart pillow by Banana Design Lab is the perfect way to tell Mom you love her this Christmas, and that you want to help her relax!  I know I will be giving one to my Mom...ah, pretend you didn't just read this Mom!


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