Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get Your Little One To Eat With The Play With Your Food Game

My kid's eating habits go from ravenous some months (when they are having a growth-spurt), to "pulling teeth out picky" other months!  So, I was extremely happy to test out a new game called the Play With Your Food Game.

This game includes one segmented plate, one mug, and one spinner.  The melamine plate and cup are all dishwasher safe, and they offer cute designs perfect for girls or boys.

Here is how the game works:
  • Place one type of food in every segment of the dish (try to leave some room to see the picture below)-this is easy to do because the segments are pretty large
  • Spin the spinner and whatever it lands on tells the child how many bites to eat (1, 2, or Choose A Bite), and what section to eat from (the picture on the spinner coordinates with the dish)
The spinner is perfect for any child that can read the numerals 1, 2 and can recognize when it states "Choose A Bite."  LaLa (age 3.5) can't read yet, but because the numbers were in numeral form (not written words) she could still play along!

We had a great time playing with the Dinosaur Play With Your Food Game at dinner, and since we only had one plate we took turns each night!  We even mixed it up a little and had one child spin for the other child who was eating.  They thought it was tons of fun, and truly ate WAY more than they usually do.

The Play With Your Food Game is perfect for Christmas 2011 and is one of our top picks!


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