Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 Top Picks: The Perfect Stocking Stuffers From Putumayo!

I am always on the lookout for great stocking stuffers that are NOT candy!  Seriously, we are still working through the Halloween stash!  This year I was excited to test out some great new coloring and sticker books from Putumayo that not only bring tons of joy to my kids, but also help to teach them about other cultures so different from their own.
This collection of sticker and coloring books from Putumayo Kids will help your child to learn about Africa, Latin America, and Europe through hours of creative fun!  I LOVE that the coloring book is oversized and has huge pictures with easy to color images.  The pictures are perfect for a very young child to color because they are not super intricate, and the paper quality is very thick.  I like that it was kept simple with only one (or a small collection) of images per page.  Each book sticks with the "theme" and has images that correspond with the people, animals, and places of the particular area.

The sticker books are made up of 6 large sticker sheets and a durable hardback background that your child can add the stickers to.  I love that there is a pocket to keep the stickers neat and tidy, and images with descriptions of each of the stickers (did you know that the African Mbira is a tiny "thumb piano"?).

These sticker and coloring books from Putumayo are just the right thing to add to your child's stocking this holiday season.  Check them out today...or check back soon and you might just get some for free in our upcoming giveaway!


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