Monday, November 7, 2011

Best Holiday 2011 Gifts For Kids: Heelys-The Rolling Shoe That's Tons Of Fun

If you have no idea what Heelys are, then you really must be living under a rock!  I remember seeing these shoes everywhere after last Christmas, and honestly after testing them I can see why.  They are sure to be a hit for the 2011 Holiday Season.
LoLo has been begging for a pair of Heelys since he turned 3 (and saw them everywhere), and my response was always "when you get older."  Well, apparently with turning 4 and a half (yes, the half is a big deal), learning to ride a bike without training wheels, and being able to ride a skateboard...I finally relented (with urging from Hubby).  I was happy to see that Heelys start in a size 12, making it perfect for even young kids (though really they must have very good coordination).  Since LoLo and LaLa (3.5) wear the same size shoes, I let her give them a go as well (with TONS of help).

Check out the YouTube video below to see what is possible with Heelys (keep in mind these are trained  professionals, and that I have NOT shown this to LoLo yet.  Don't want him getting any ideas!)

We opted to test out the Classic Wave style in all white (see top of post image) because it was very gender-neutral and I loved the retro look of them that reminded me of my old 80s converse.  I was a little worried about ordering all white (after all they are preschoolers), yet when they came I noticed that the fabric was a fantastic super-durable nylon weave that would be very easy to clean off.  Not to mention the fact that Heelys are extremely well made!  Seriously!

Here are the features we love about Heelys:
  • Durable, easy to clean outer
  • Easy to snap in wheel (use a fist to tap it in place)
  • Easy to remove wheel (must use the tool that comes with it), it just pops out of place (nothing to unscrew)
  • Comfortable fit (easy to lace up, padded rims around ankle, great sole inside)
  • Easy to walk in without the wheels in (a little tricky for little ones to walk with wheels in, but LoLo was able to)
  • Glides VERY smooth on most surfaces (great on wood floors inside on rainy days)
  • Easy to stop...that is once you figure it out
LoLo put on the Heelys and was just ready to run around the house (no, I wouldn't let him).  Since we have hardwood floors throughout, and the wheels are very smooth silicone (like skateboard) wheels, we noticed they did not damage the floors.  I strapped a helmet on him, held his hands and tried to teach him what to do (and would have gotten some pics if I had a third arm).  Well, for an active 4.5 year old, he didn't really care for this!  After a few turns with Mommy's help...he decided to give it a go himself, and LOVES them.  I couldn't believe that he could figure them out after just a few quick lessons, and just a few little spills.  He is now working on turns and wants to wear them everywhere!
I would recommend Heelys for ages 6 and up (unless you have a very coordinated 5 year old).  These shoes are sure to be a BIG hit for Christmas 2011 and I give them an easy 5 out of 5 rating for a top Toy Pick for ages 6 and up.


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