Friday, November 25, 2011

25 Days Until Christmas: A Family Advent Calendar DVD

In our family, it is important to teach our children that Christmas is not about getting things, but about giving.  And what better way to remind them than to teach them the true meaning of Christmas as we celebrate the birthday of Jesus, and all that he gave and sacrificed for us.

25 Days Until Christmas: A Family Advent Calendar DVD includes seasonal devotions, hymns, and a bible reading of the Christmas Story in a very relaxing and family-friendly way.  The best way to describe this disc is to compare it to Sunrise Earth on The Discovery Channel.  In case you have not seen that series, it is a bunch of nature images that move and flow over time-lapsed footage.  25 Days Until Christmas reminds me of this series because the nature images of snow-capped mountains and majestic forests also help to create the same calming effect.  This DVD allows you to turn on/off the text as the devotions are read aloud on the screen.  I found that the kids really enjoyed playing quietly with toys as we watched this DVD in the background.  They hymns really captured LaLa's attention, and the images were breathtaking for all of us.

The DVD plays a countdown to Christmas with a different image, devotional, and hymn for each day.  It was a little long and slow to just keep the kid's attention the entire time, but I did find that we all enjoyed having it on in the background as we enjoyed some family time together.

25 Days Until Christmas: A Family Advent Calendar DVD is the perfect companion to family game nights, holiday parties, or quiet time spent next to the fire on a snowy day. 


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