Thursday, October 27, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: Vampire Hunter-Tons of Spooky Fun

The mystery is revealed, the candy was stolen, the criminal was concealed...can you find who did it?  The new book, Vampire Hunter by TouchyBooks is just in time to add to your Halloween fun!  You must use all the clues to help find the vampiress who stole all the candy from the candy jar. 

Her journey will lead you from room to room in the spooky castle searching for her hiding space.  Use your flashlight to find the hidden pictures in the darkness to reveal her location! 

Vampire Hunter by TouchyBooks is lots of fun for ages 4-8.  The interactive features include: illuminating the picture with your flashlight beam, moving objects around the screen, opening curtains and doors, and picking up candy wrappers (to name a few). 

The kids really enjoyed this cute, non-scary story, and I enjoyed the new interactive features.  Fun for the whole family!


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