Friday, October 21, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: Rescue Helicopter

TouchyBooks on a mission to save an injured man at sea who has a shark bite, and who should come to the rescue?  You, in TouchyBooks Rescue Helicopter App!

This latest flying TouchyBook is similar to Deep Sea Submarine in that you use simple controls to move your helicopter around the play area; however, the kids found this APP more exciting.  They really enjoyed trying to land the helicopter on the boat's deck to load up the injured passenger, and going into the dark cave was spooky and fun.

The mission is simple enough for LaLa (age 3.5) to follow, but she did have a lot of trouble maneuvering the helicopter to the exact location on the screen.  LoLo (age 4.5 ) didn't have any trouble.

Rescue Helicopter's graphics are cute and colorful and very preschooler-friendly.  The "injured" shark-bitten patient is never shown, so don't worry about anything too graphic.  The kid's really enjoyed the storyline and took their "mission" very seriously!  Lots of fun for ages 5 and up.


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