Friday, October 14, 2011

Tezoro Productions: Street Funk Volume 1 With Joe Loera DVD Review

Do you ever watch So You Think You Can Dance with your mouth open?  Well I do, and I just dream about being in one of those opening numbers where all 20 of the top dancers do a routine choreographed by Wade Robson where I am dressed up in an outlandish costume and moving around the floor like a vampire-demon on fire! Ok sorry....back to reality!
Today's DVD review is brought to you by Tezoro Productions Live and will help you achieve a little bit more Street Funk to go with your aspirations of performing on stage to millions (or just at home for your little ones)!  Street Funk Volume 1 with Joe Loera is a mix of Baliwood, Hip-Hop, and 80s moves that I just ate up!  I thought that Loera was a great mix between that upbeat 20-something year old kid who is hyped up on life, to a fun and friendly dance partner you just want to hang out with all day.  The routines that he instructions you in are fun, fresh, and often times funny (or so the kids thought so).  I had a great time doing the movements with the kids, and liked the mix of many different styles that it offered.  It felt more like taking a dance class with your friends, rather than learning and crafting a dance technique-which is what I feel this style is all about.

Here is what you get on the DVD:
  • Introduction:  Meet Joe Loera and learn about his background as a dancer.
4 Dance numbers, each broken up into 4 parts (Check It Out, Breakdown, With Music, Your Turn):
  • Vogueing:  A fun-filled Baliwood inspired dance number that encourages individuality. 
  • Marco Polo:  LaLa thought this swim-movement inspired dance number was hilarious! Tons of fun for any age.
  • Bounce:  A Hip-Hop routine with a-lot of booty shaking!
  • Chick-Mac-Live:  This routine is truly Street Funk in that is can not fit into one catagory.  Just imagine Hip-Hop meets The Funky Chicken meets Stomping!
  • Outro
  • Credits
Street Funk Volume 1 with Joe Loera is the perfect fit for pre-teens that want to learn all the moves that would be perfect for dancing along to today's hits.  Great for those with little to no dance experience.

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