Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tezoro Productions: Instructional Hip Hop DVD For Beginners

I am a dancer.  In my mind, in my heart, but not so much lately in reality! Ugh, so wish I had time to fit it all in.  These days I consider my workout to be chasing a toddler around the house and running LoLo and LaLa around town.  So sad.

So when I was given the opportunity to review some instructional DVDs from Tezoro Productions Live, I was thrilled.  My first DVD review (1 of 3) is called Hip Hop With Dana Foglia Volume 1 Beginner.  This is the first of 3 videos in the Hip Hop Beginner series.

I liked the overall feel of the production quality of this video, and how they used a simple non-moving city background for the dancers.  I liked that the scenery was not just a dance studio and that it did not distract from the dancers (Dana plus 4 dancers-2 girls, 2 guys).  The disc is perfect for any beginner dancer (or any non-dancer) age 6 and up, though LaLa (age 3) had a wonderful time trying it out.  The disc contains 3 routines and 3 warm-up exercises.  I really loved how each routine was broken down into very small steps and repeated many times.  The way the DVD was organized made it really easy to navigate while giving you many opportunities to master the routine.

Here is the breakdown of what is on the DVD:
  • Introduction: Short intro regarding what you will learn on the disc.
  • Warm-Up: There are 3 segments to this section:
    • Section 1: Cardio
    • Section 2: Isolations
    • Section 3: Stretch
  • 3 Dance Routines (Get Me Bodied, Get Your Groove, Low Low Low!):
    • Check It Out!: Watch the dancers do the routine without music.
    • Breakdown: Dana teaches you the steps in very small segments. There are parts for the girls, and a varation for the guys (they are labeled well and repeated often)
    • Performance: The dancers perform the routine, then turn around so that you can follow them through the steps.
    • With Music (Join Us!): Follow the dancers with music through the entire routine.
  • Outro: A quick thank you.  Like an "intro" but at the end of the disc...get it? Outro!
  • Credits
Hip Hop With Dana Foglia Volume 1 by Tezoro Productions Live would be the perfect Christmas gift if you have a budding dancer, or you are looking for a fun new workout routine ($29.95 instead of $39.95 until Oct. 16th)!

Check out Tezoro Productions for all of their dance DVDs by world-renowned dancers and choreographers. 


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