Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reward Tag Review: The Bounty Hunter of Lost Merchandise

You know that feeling you get when you can't find your cell phone and you think "what will I ever do without it?"  So when I got a chance to review Reward Tag (the reward system for lost merchandise) I was excited to try it out, but also nervous about it too (read below to see why).
Reward Tag is a system that lets you offer a reward in exchange for someone returning your lost valuable.  The lost item can me anything you can affix their tiny "tag" to (and when I say tiny, I really mean it-see pic below).  The system is set up by you going online to, ordering your tags (which come complete with a personalized message), then registering your tags online once you have attached them to your valuable.  Reward Tag then lets the person who finds your item go online, see your contact information and reward price so that they can return your lost item to you.  This is where I got nervous!  I have had my cell phone stolen in the past, and what if that person decides to look up my contact information and come by my house to steal from me?!  I contacted the creator of Reward Tag and was happy to see that there was an alternative:  to enter my address as a local public store (such as a large chain store) to meet the person at.  I also had the option of leaving only my email address and not my phone number.  This way the person would have to contact me via email and meet at the designated spot...thus keeping all my personal information, well, personal! 

Now you can retrieve your lost valuables while keeping all your personal information on lock-down.  I even asked about the security system of Reward Tag and if they ever share personal information, and they assured me that my information that I place on their site is extremely secure and that no third parties will have access.

So check out Reward Tag today and see it for yourself, and they will donate 50% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization such as "Babes For Boobs" (a group of women walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day Breast Cancer walk).


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