Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playhut Ultimate Playland Review: The Perfect Indoor Playtent for Hours of Fun!

We are so blessed to have an indoor playroom at our new house, and with the often rainy weather that surrounds our area in Southern Oregon we knew we had to find a way to keep the kids entertained inside.  Playhut to the rescue!

We have had many "tents" in our house before that the kids really enjoyed playing in, but I wanted a play system that would keep them busy for hours-The Ultimate Playland by Playhut did just that (see pic above to see how large it it).

This tent and tunnel system is amazing! There are so many cool features, but here are the ones we liked the best:
  • The tunnels FOLD flat! No more spring loaded tunnels that you have to tie up and always end up hitting you in the nose (no? maybe that's just me)! Playhut's tunnels really do fold flat for super-easy storage.
  • The tunnels ATTACH to any of the "tents" with 3 hook-and-loop closures (see pic below).  I like that the tunnels can be placed anywhere and stay where you put them (and we did put them to the test).
  • There are many different play areas in the Ultimate Playland that you can choose how you want to configure them.  Some days we just set up a few pieces, and other days when we have friends over we use the whole thing (which you can see from the picture at the top of this post is very extensive)!
  • The 2 basketball hoop options and the putting ramp were a hit with LoLo (they come complete with balls and putter).  My only complaint was that the very low hoop could not be used at the same time as the putting ramp.
  • There is a ball pit!  The ball pit has some great features too: zip closure netting on one side for easy grabbing of a crazy infant, comes with some balls (though you will need more), and has 2 areas to connect to tunnels. 
    •  The only things I would have liked to see different with the ball pit would be a raised edge (so they don't escape out the doors), a cushioned floor (maybe inflatable to help when Mr. F does those WWF moves he loves so much), and only one area that can be attached to a tunnel.  We just found that it was too difficult to keep the balls in the "pit" when Mr. F was playing, but all-in-all it is still a fun feature.
  •  The pop-up tent (where you can poke your head out the top) and the ball toss tent were a big hit with all the kids.
The Ultimate Playland Tent by Playhut is the perfect toy to help you survive the "play inside blues!"  The kids have played with it everyday and we are constantly finding new ways to transform it.  This tent and tunnel system would be perfect for a toddler/preschooler's birthday party...and WAY cheaper (and more fun) than renting a jumper! Plus you get to keep it longer than 12 hours :)


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