Friday, October 7, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Chip Taylor and The Grandkids "Golden Kids Rules"

Every now and then there comes along a CD that just makes me smile...Chip Taylor and The Grandkids Golden Kids Rules is one of those (scheduled release October 18, 2011).  I just love the mix of Taylor's husky Willie Nelson-like voice with the purity of his three young grandaughters.  It makes me think of camping trips I took with my family as a child, sitting around the campfire, and singing our favorite songs; however, the girls are amazing singers where my brother and I sounded more "pitchy" (to completely over-exaggerate-we were horrid)!

The playlist for this album feels extremely old-school country, yet with modern lyrics.  I really appreciated that the "Grandkids" Riley, Kate, and Sam really did sing the majority of the lyrics with Taylor acting more as their "backup!"  It was a nice and welcome change from so many albums that are just the opposite.  Obviously, it helps that the girls have amazing singing voices that combine youth and innocence with great harmony and range.  It makes me think I better start sending LaLa to singing lessons now at age 3!

Here is the playlist for Golden Kids Rules:
  • Golden Kids' Rules: An adorable song about the rules that "golden" kids should follow to make their parents proud.  The list includes doing your homework and eating ice cream (must have been a collaborative songwriting experience!)
  • I'm Just Thinking About What I'm Thinking About:  I love this one in which the girls are singing about thinking about...YOU.  A sweet song that the kids love to sing along to.
  • Quarter Moon Shining: Tune in Willie Nelson fans for this one! My husband is a big fan of his and loves the resemblance between Taylor's voice and Nelson's in this song.  (Fun Fact:  Chip Taylor actually has written songs for Nelson in the past.)
  • Big Ideas: "I'm not just a kid, I've got big ideas!"  These lyrics pretty much sum up the entire song.
  • Magical Horse: A song written by Grandkid Kate!  This one is LaLa's favorite, as it will be for any little girl.
  • Daddy Is A Red Sox Fan/Mommy Is A Yankee Fan:  Hilarious one! Still trying to figure out how they managed to get all of this mouthful of a phrase into the song so seamlessly (with a little of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" thrown in).  PS- I agree girls...don't choose a side!  Who says you can't wear clothing for both teams, surely no one could get mad at a kid for that :)
  • Kids To Save The Planet: Ok, is it just me or does every kid's album these days have a song about recycling?! A little tired of the repetition, but a great message none-the-less.
  • Did You Hear What Jennifer Did?  A song about tattling!  Sure got my kid's attention, where at the end LaLa said "Ohhhhh, you should not do that!"
  • You Can Come & Play With Our Toys: A song about sharing, especially with those less fortunate than you.
  • Introduction To Wedding Songs: A personal look into the lives of Taylor and his grandkids as they talk about the songs they wrote for family member's Kristian and Anna's wedding.
  • The Possum Hunter: The kid's favorite song...must be all the harmonica!  A funny song about calling "the big dog down" by bringing out the Possum Hunter.  Great vocals by Taylor!
  • Happy Wedding:  This song makes me think of Willie Nelson merged with Jimmy Buffet singing about "happy wedding...for everything your are giving is double what you are getting."  A sweet song sure to make you smile.
  • Now That Kristian and Anna Have Wed:  A slow country song about appreciating everyday even more now that the happy couple has wed. 
I give Chip Taylor and The Grandkids Golden Kids Rules a 4 out of 5 for its great mix of youthful voices and husky country soul complimented by relateable kid's lyrics.  The country vibe gives it a relaxing (and at times humorous) twist that the whole family will be sure to enjoy!

Check out Smithsonian Folkways to download some samples of the songs before the album is released.  Also, be sure to follow via Facebook for all the latest from Smithsonian Folkways.


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