Monday, October 17, 2011

Kid Comfort II Carrier by Dueter Review: Ultimate Comfort Worth Every Cent

We have become country folks, and with that comes all the fun things you can do outside. One of our new favorite activities to do is hike the trails through the forest around our house.  There is only one problem with that...what in the world do we do with our curious 16 month old?  Deuter to the rescue!

I have been looking for a child carrier that I (or more precisely my husband) could use for hiking, walking in town, or around the park, that would hold up well and be comfortable for us (as well as baby).  I did A LOT of searching, read a lot of reviews, compared prices, and realized that one brand stood out from the rest for all of the features I wanted-Deuter.

The Kid Comfort II Carrier by Deuter is the middle model of child carriers (but I feel the best bang for your buck).  This backpack is amazingly well-made, and has TONS of fabulous features that make it worth spending a little bit more.  Sure, this carrier is more expensive than Amazon's most popular carrier; however, this one will hold up to being passed down, is way more comfortable for parent and kid, and has lots of extras.  You would probably go through two of the other carriers during the lifespan of this one!

Here are the features that make the Kid Carrier II superior to all other brands:
  • Super-light carrier at only 6 lbs 8oz
    • Can hold 48.5 lbs of child and gear (we tested that limit and it worked great-Mr. F is a tank)
  • Great high-quality padding on ALL portions (shoulder straps, back area, around waist/hips, in infant section)
    • The padding is breathable and does not make you overheat
  • LARGE attached backpack that can fit all your day-trip needs
  • Mesh pouches that child can access for his/her toys, sippy cup, snacks
  • Padded chin rest for baby that doubles as a pillow for napping (will want to cover this with a burp cloth to keep clean-does detach for easy washing too)
  • Additional zippered pouches for extra storage on the waist band and above backpack portion
  • Quick adjusting straps on the shoulders, waist, and back portion
    • This carrier will fit very small waisted people, to very large people easily (no add-on straps to buy)
  • Easy side access for baby to step right into the backpack
    • We actually put Mr. F in this way to try it out in the house and when we set him down and removed him, he climbed back in and yelled "Mowh" (More)!
  • Adjustable child height so they are sure to get a great view.  Mr. F loved being able to see over Daddy's head
  • Carrier has a stand so that you can load/unload baby from the ground, or to "park" him while you take a break
  • There are loops all over this carrier to add optional accessories (sunshade or rain cover), or to place carabiners to attach your sleeping bag, water bottles, or other accessories.
We took our Kid Comfort II on a 2 hour hike and loved that it was so comfortable.  It held everyone's water bottles, snacks, hats and jackets  in addition to baby and a few small toys (and there was room left over)!  Go Daddy Yak! The optional sunshade is a must, and covers the entire head portion without blocking baby's view.  I was happy that the sunshade was high enough above Mr. F's head that he couldn't pull on it, and that it was super-easy to add-on or remove.

The optional rain cover is great for those of you with freak rainstorms! It folds very flat into a pouch that you can always carry with your Kid Comfort II.  It goes on quick right on top of the sunshade and will cover every portion of the carrier (see above), while still giving baby room to breathe.

If you are like me and want to get a product that is extremely well-made, can be handed down from generation to generation (or you just plan on having more babies), and want superior comfort-look no further!  It is definitely unique these days to find a product that is still very well-made.  It seems that as companies try to survive this economy they cut corners in quality...but Deuter has not! I can not say enough good things about the Kid Comfort II by Deuter, and know that you will love it too! Worth EVERY penny!

*More Deuter reviews to come with must-have camping products!   Follow via email to see posts when they go live.


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