Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just For Mom: YOU by Crocs Liddles Boots-Your Fall Go To Boot

Every now and then there comes a shoe that is so comfortable you just want to wear it around the house all day...well, I have found them!  Crocs new line of shoes called YOU by Crocs is solely for women and in appearances look nothing like what you think of when you hear Crocs, but are just as comfortable (or more so) as the original slip-on Croc.

I have been a Croc fan since its original release because they are the shoe that can survive anything you can throw at it, from a 2-year old's adventures in the mud, to a near slip-and-slide incident through poop (just don't ask...I am still recovering)!  Now with their new line just for Moms, Crocs is transitioning into the more "designer" marketplace.

YOU by Crocs has heels, flats, sandals, wedges, and my new Fall addiction, boots.  I opted to try out the Liddles (seen above) for the Fall since I often wonder just how comfortable a pair of just-below-the-knee boots could be.  From past experience, not very; however, the Liddles from YOU by Crocs are just like walking on a cloud! Seriously, the interior of this boot has a cushioned sole that is so supportive that I wanted to wear them all day long!  I love the added support under the ball of my foot, and the cradle built around the heel.  The center portion actually touched the arch of my foot (which is extremely uncommon for me).  The "shock-absorbing innersole for reduced muscle fatigue and added stability" truly lives up to its claim, as well as the "durable TR (Thermoplastic Rubber) outsole provides resilience and traction for long-lasting quality" which held up to walking the dog on some of our steeper dirt/mud trails!

Not only are the Liddles comfortable, but they also go with everything in my Fall wardrobe.  The more traditional rounded toe and 1 inch heel make it perfect to wear with skinny jeans tucked in (which there was some room for-but not much if you have a larger calf), or with leggings and a sweater vest.  I tried out both looks and got tons of compliments.  I was even surprised that the leather held up with no damage when a freak rain storm dropped in right as I was picking up the kids from school (go figure).  I walked through a few puddles and there is no wear, damage, or even much residue on the shoe!  The leather is amazing on these boots.

The Liddles from YOU by Crocs are truly the must have boot for Fall.  The below-the-knee design and classic toe and heel make it perfect with any outfit, and for under $200 it will not break the bank.

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*You might want to buy a half size bigger as they run a little small. Plus, this way you can add a larger warm sock for winter, though these boots DO keep your feet warm and cozy too!


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