Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just For Mom: Active-Isolated Flexibility DVD by Tezoro Productions

These days I am reminded daily of just how out of shape I truly am.  From "did I really just pull my groin opening up the umbrella stroller?"  to "this kid (Mr. F) is a tank and hurts my lower back every time I lift him!"  I seriously miss my days of Jazzercise, especially the stretching portion.  So I was very thrilled to test out Active-Isolation Flexibility DVD by Tezoro Productions.

This DVD reminds me a lot of various Pilates moves mixed in with stretches from my past life as a ballerina (or so I would like to believe)!  Michele Assaf is an internationally renowned director, choreographer, and master teacher who will take you through various stretches which focus on one area of your body at a time.  I was shocked (though not surprised) by her amazing flexibility and found that her method of teaching was very specific, informative, and non-threatening.  Not like that ballet teacher from my past!

I loved the breakdown of the DVD and how you can navigate to the areas of your body which you would like to focus on.  The only tools you will need for this workout are an open space, a yoga mat (or towel), a rope (or exercise rope) and a towel to mop up all your sweat!

Here is what you get on the DVD:
  • Introduction: Meet Michele Assaf and learn about Active-Isolation stretching.
  • Excercise Breakdown:
    •  Hip and Trunk Area: 
      • Pelvic Tilt, Hamstrings, Adductors and Abductors, Quadriceps, Hip Rotators, Gluteals and Trunk Rotators, Medial Rotators, Piriformis, Psoas
    • Feet:
      • Soleus-Calf Flexing, Tibialis Anterior (Shin), The Ankle, Supinate/Pronate, Toes (Toe Webbing), Arches
    • Shoulders and Arms:
      • Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid, Shoulder Rotators, Rhomboid/Rotator Cuff, Trapezious/Rotator Cuff, Tricpes, Shoulder (Forward Elevation), Shoulder (Sideways Elevation)
    • Neck:
      • Lateral Flexors (Side), Oblique Rotators, Oblique Flexors, Extensors, Posterior Glide, Flexors, Rotators, Semi-Circumdection
  • A Word From Phil and Jim Wharton:  Get to meet the Whartons and learn about the principles behind Active-Isolated stretching.
  • Take The Class: Watch Michele and some students in the studio during a class.  Second best to actually being there yourself!
  • Credits
Active-Isolated Flexibility with Michele Assaf and The Whartons by Tezoro Productions is an amazing stretching video that is perfect for anyone who is looking to get more flexibility from their body.  I found it helpful to alleviate muscle tension that I developed from my crazy life as a mom to 3, but feel that everyone can benefit from it.  The exercises can all be done at your own level, so whether you are completely out of shape, or if you are a senior citizen and suffer from joint issues...this DVD is truly perfect for you!

Check out Tezoro Productions for all of their dance DVDs by world-renowned dancers and choreographers.  Make sure to use the 20% off discount from!


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