Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deuter Little Star EXP Sleeping Bag: Cozy and Warm Under The Stars

To me sleeping under the stars means I fell asleep on a lounge chair on our deck; however, now that we are living in the country I might as well get used to going camping.  Ok, so who packed the RV? Ugh, we don't have one of those!

Alright.  If I am going camping with the family I will not sacrifice comfort.  Finding adult sleeping bags that hold up to cold winters around here is an easy thing to do, and I must admit they are pretty comfortable.  But have you noticed that kid's sleeping bags that do the same thing are so hard to come by?  Why are kid's sleeping bags usually just a nylon character sack that has no added warmth?!  Well, search no more, because the Deuter Little Star EXP Sleeping Bag is cozy, well-made, and can growth with your child.

The Little Star EXP is extremely light-weight (at 1 pound, 10 ounces) and would be perfect for your child to carry while hiking with his Junior Backpack.  We received the sun-mandarin color (see pic above) and I love how bright it is.

The sleeping bag has a lot of great features that we loved:
  • The foot area has extra padding to keep kid's toesies warm, or can zip to expand as they get taller 
    • When zipped closed in just barely fit LaLa (age 3.5) who is extremely tall at 42".  Yes, she looks like a 6-year old, but ACTS like a 3 year old.  When opened it will fit a child up to 155 inches.
  • The portion that goes around the head is roomy and very padded-kind of like a small built in pillow
  • The bag is safe for kids: no drawstring, and an easy-to use zipper
  • There is an inner pocket for your kiddo to keep "valuables" in (why are they always dirty things they find in the sandbox?)
  • Little Star is rated to 40 degrees in case you want to venture out this Fall/Winter
  • The entire bag is padded and fluffy, yet still slim enough to stuff into its tiny bag (that I was surprised it actually made it back into easily)
  • The color is bright and so pretty
Deuter's Little Star EXP Sleeping Bag is the perfect companion for kids ages 2 through about 10 I am guessing, or less than 155 inches.  The color makes it perfect for boys or girls, and the comfort and durability of this bag are great!


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