Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deuter Junior Backpack Review: The Perfect Lightweight Kid's Backpack

Do you ever see kids walking to school and think, "how in the world do they carry that backpack and not fall over?"  I certainly do! It seems like there are so many bells and whistles on kid's backpacks these days that really weigh them down, not to mention the horrible "cheapness" of many of them!

I was really happy to test out the Junior Backpack from Deuter for LoLo (age 4.5) because I was looking for a well-made backpack that is just the right size for him (see pic below).  It is actually hard to find a "preschooler" backpack that is not "cutesy!"  You know what I mean (PBK) with the adorable little bunnies and stuff on them.  No, I wanted something that would be perfect for our day hiking trips or for church (yes, we do bring gear to church to keep the kids busy).  I found it in the Deuter Junior Backpack.

Here are the features of the Deuter Junior Backpack that we love:
  •  Extremely light-weight...I can not say this enough (it is like a miniature feather pillow)
  • Water-resistant construction inside and out.  I loved the liner which doesn't allow spilled liquids to seep in!
  • Amazing construction.  This bag is made extremely well.  The exterior pockets and pouches are very strong and the stitching is very well done
  • The colors are very eye pleasing and work for any gender: orange, moss, ocean
  • The back is very padded and contoured to shape little ones anatomy
  • The straps are S-shaped and padded for more comfort
  • There is a chest strap to keep it secure while hiking
  • Two mesh side pockets are just the right size to hold 2 larger sippy cups
  • Name tag on the inside
  • Reflectors on two places
  • D-rings to attach anything! 
  • Straps to hold a sleeping bag or lightweight items on top
The Junior Backpack is recommended for ages 5 and up; however, it will work great even for a 3 year old.  The design is capable of holding A LOT (enough for a kid to camp out a few days), or a little (just a trip to the park). 


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