Monday, September 19, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: The Tin Soldier

Hans Christian Andersen's The Tin Soldier comes to life in this TouchyBook.  The kids and I have always loved this story and enjoy watching many different movie renditions of it, and this TouchyBook is up at the top of our list.

I love the beautiful illustrations and the handwritten font that takes me back in time as if I am reading the original story! The tin soldier's journey takes on a magical note when your child can touch the screen to make the scenes take action: the jack-in-the-box knocking him out the window, the boat taking him down the sewer, the fish eating the soldier (the kids liked this feature), the cook removing him from the fish, and finally back home with the ballerina.

This story is great for all ages, and for any gender (with a soldier and ballerina as the main characters, you can't go wrong).

I am happy to see that TouchyBooks took the original story and just made it come to life with illustrations I would expect to see with the classic tale.  Great job TouchyBooks!



  1. I have always loved this story! I think I am going to have to purchase this book!
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