Friday, September 30, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: The Magic Chocolate Tree

The Magic Chocolate Tree by TouchyBooks is an adventerous story that takes Carol out into the forest on an expedition in search of mysterious creatures; instead, she finds a chocolate tree.
She brings back chocolates to all of the villagers who are so overcome with excitement that they have her take them to the tree at once!  Then a horrible thing happens...they begin to cut down the tree's branches so that they can have some of the chocolate tree for themselves.  Well, you can imagine what happens now...the tree begins to die and stops producing chocolates and the villagers lose interest.  Carol on the other hand has a heart of gold and feels that if she were to take care of the tree it will be restored to its original beauty; which it does.

This story has a great moral for kids: be kind to nature and only take what you need, then it will continue to give back to you in the future.


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