Thursday, September 15, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: Diana Dreams About Dinosaurs

Diana Dreams About Dinosaurs by TouchyBooks is a cute story for young ones that are in love with dinosaurs.  The graphics are bright colors and very preschooler-friendly (no scary realistic dinosaurs here).

The adorable story is about a little girl named Diana who is obsessed with dinosaurs (we all know that kid right?).  She eats dinosaur cookies and cereal, reads a dinosaur book every night, plays with dinosaur toys...sees dinosaurs around town (oh wait! that is not normal).

The adventure turns out to be all a dream, and the dinosaur mailman, police officer, teacher, and people on the street are not really dinosaurs, but figments of her overactive imagination.  She wakes up and has a normal day, but still seeing all the people around the town reminds her of her exciting dream!

Diana Dreams About Dinosaurs is recommended for ages 3-6 due to its simple storyline, colorful non-threatening illustrations, and basic touch-and-move interactive features.


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