Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skidders Review: Got wood floors? These are a must!

I often noticed Skidders here and there in different stores, and I always thought "is it a sock or a shoe?"  Well, it seems to be both-and that is what makes them so great!
Skidders makes skid-proof shoes, skid-proof socks (for boys, girls, women), knee pads, and baby booties that come in tons of colors and designs.  The shoes have little nubs on the bottom that truly help your kiddo from slipping!  We tested the shoes on our just-cleaned hardwood floors and LOVED how well they kept Mr. F (15mo) from sliding around.  Usually he wears slip-resistant socks (you know the ones with a few rubbery designs on the bottom?) and those don't really help with the full-speed run down the hall that usually turns into a slip and slide!
We tried out the Skidders shoes (seen above) first and love that not only does it offer toe protection, but also that they stay on really well.  Mr. F was able to run in them really fast, and was not able to pull them off too easily (unlike socks).  I do wish that they came with a strap that went from back by the heel to over the ankle to help from them slipping off the heel, because that was a slight issue; however, they never did fall off the foot.  I like that the sock portion was snug at the ankle and did not slide down.  Mr. F liked that the little nubs felt good on his teething gums....gross!

I found that the Skidder shoes were perfect to put on during our cold mornings here as slippers, and that the socks are thick enough to provide some warmth.  They also can be worn outside too! I love all the designs Skidders shoes come in including: cartoon characters, sport team logos, animal prints, realistic shoe prints, skulls, and mary jane styles (see them all at

So now that I was in love with the Skidders shoes (and thinking about ordering one set for every kid), I decided I should try out the socks as well.  The first thing I noticed about the Skidders socks (see pic above) is that just like the shoes they are really well-made.  They are thicker than most socks out there for kids, they fit snug around the ankle, and best of all they have skid-proof fabric covering the entire sole.  They also run true to size (just like the shoes).

I liked that the socks were more flexible than the shoes, but did provide the same great slip resistance.  Mr. F did test these out and refrained from taking a header-so they get an A!  He was however able to pull them off himself, but that was to be expected.  The socks come in many great designs as well (see some adorable ones below), so check them out online.
Skidders are a must have, if like us, you have an entire house of hardwood floors.  I would suggest buying the Skidders shoes (rather than the socks) for all day wear because they have a great shape that offers your kid's foot some support on hard floors.  I am absolutely going to buy a pair for LaLa and LoLo right away!


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