Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LuLa Clips Review and GIVEAWAY: Stop The Digging For Carseat Straps!

You know that little product you all love that is such a simple idea that you now can't live without and you are kicking yourself for not inventing it first?  Well, LuLa Clips are that product for me!

I get so tired of putting kids in carseats (I have 3 in carseats, and only 1 can buckle himself!), then digging under and behind them to find the straps.  LaLa often yells "oww, stop hurting me Mom!"  To which I reply "if you were to help me out, it would be a lot easier!"  Now, with LuLa Clips this is one less fight in the car.

LuLa Clips look like little bright orange hands that you attach on to your carseat with safety pin type clips.  One nice feature is that the clip point is protected by a plastic cover that you must push in to release.  What this means is that LaLa (age 3) will NOT be able to remove these!

I placed LuLa Clips on her Graco Nautilus carseat (though it will work on ANY carseat) up high so that when she gets down she can just take the metal portion of the crotch strap and "stick" it on to the hand.  It is so easy that even a 2 year old can do it.  The clips hold so much better than the velcro ones I have seen in the past (such as those on many Britax carseats), and at $14.99 I think I will buy them for every carseat I own.

The construction and magnet strength of these clips is fantastic.  I was happy that they were small enough that they do not get in the kids way, but strong enough to even hold up to her rubbing against it while getting in her seat without dislodging the strap.  Check out the video below to see LuLa Clips in action:

LuLa Clips were even given a PTPA award for their ingenoius product.

If there is one carseat accessory that you can not should not live without, LuLa clips are it!

Now is your chance to win your own pair.  2 lucky winners will be chosen:


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