Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kid's Music Series: These Are My Friends by Alastair Moock

Alastair Moock's newest album These Are My Friends is scheduled for release on October 4th, 2011 and is destined to be a HUGE hit!  No I won't sugar coat it- put it on your must-have list.

I love the Country-Rockified vibe of this one (yes, I did just make up a word), and the lyrics are so original that I find myself wanting to listen to each song over and over until I get them down.  Moock is not only a star with his banjo and guitar playing, but also with his bluesy-raspy voice that makes me think of a jazz singer from the 1930s.  He hits the nail on the head with These Are My Friends by creating an album that not only is funny and enjoyable for adults to listen to, but also relates completely to young children (especially preschoolers).

Here is the playlist for These Are My Friends:
  • These Are My Friends:  This song reminds me so much of my little girl who has a super-over-active-imagination!  Moock nails it right on the head as he introduces you to his "friends:" the paperclip named Lazy Jim who is headed off to bed, Lucy the invisible girl, and a rubber ball named David who lives under his bed whom "he never bounces or throws him because it will hurt his little head!"
  • Feets Up: "Kick your feets up" and get ready today!  I can just tell already that this upbeat banjo duet will now become a daily song to sing when LaLa is getting ready (yes, she sings every second of every day!).  Wake up your feet, head, face, arms with this one....perfect for waking up and stretching your entire body.
  • Ladybugs' Picnic:  A country rock band song that will have your little one singing and counting along!  I love the vibe of this one that makes me feel like I am two-stepping around the dance floor at a small country fair (one complete with a fantastic band!).
  • Mail Myself to You:  Hilarious song that might just give LoLo some really bad ideas!  Wrapping himself up in paper, dabbing on some glue, sticking some stamps on top of his head and mailing myself to Grandma.  Hmm....gonna go hide the glue now.  I love the children singing along with Moock in this one!
  • Didn't Know What I Was Missing:  Thank you Moock for writing a song that glorifies vegetables!  I agree, what could be better than eating vegetables that you grew to get the kids to agree with me.
  • CBAs and A Twinkle Baa:  How in the world does Moock sing the ABC song backwards?  I have no idea, but the kids were so intent on listening to the lyrics (and commentary) that the car was silent-hooray, win for Mommy!
  • Born To Dance: Every parent with a 3 year old (or older) will appreciate this song.  I just listened to the entire song with a huge grin on my face.  The hilarious lyrics will paint a perfect picture of any 3 year old dancing: "leaping and jumping like she is covered in squirrels" and  "he's looking like a turkey running loose on the farm."
  • Three Like Me: "How come people always yell at me?"  Oh my, this must be what LaLa is asking herself everyday!  I can completely relate to this song and the naughty things the little one does, like putting Mommy's earrings in the toilet to save the little men floating on the boat that is Daddy's wallet.
  • RePete: "When you meet two Petes you must can not retreat!"  What a tongue twister with this one...and I love how he worked in the actress Amanda Peet into this one too.
  • Yes Indeed: A bluesy song about feeling rock and roll from your head to your feet.  After this song I was saying "yes, indeed" I felt it too!
  • A Scary Song: This song is so scary! A monster that is living under the bed, making creepy sounds, freaking out my kids in their carseats...and the brave little one who looks under the bed to find- a slipper! Hahaha, we were all laughing hysterically (how can I not when I have a 4 and 3 year old laughing so hard they might just pee)!
  • From Me to You: This one is about a kid who writes a letter to a missed friend on Mommy's computer.  Well, it must have been a 3 year old because as Moock reads it aloud it makes no sense what-so-ever until you realize she wrote it with her feet!
  • Green Green Rocky Road: A slow banjo duet that somehow reminds me of John Denver.  Not really sure I understood all the lyrics, but just knew it made me smile and was a nice way to end the album.
  • A Twinkle Baa Reprise: Moock and his twin daughters sing his silly mixed-up version of Twinkle-twinkle.  What a great addition to this CD.
I give These Are My Friends by Alastair Moock a 5 out of 5 for its amazing lyrics (which you can view online), great vocals, and wonderful instrumentation!  A sure hit with any young kid, and one that adults will like listening to over, and over, and over...


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