Friday, September 9, 2011

Kid's Music Series: A Duck in New York City by The Secret Mountain

A Duck In New York City by The Secret Mountain is a cute album that is just the right mix for preschoolers and young children.  I love the voice of Connie Kaldor and the folksy-storytelling way she sings the songs.  I can really feel each of the songs come to life, and often found myself picturing a Broadway stageshow happening right in front of me!  Each of the song's on this album are unique and will have you singing along for sure.

Here is what I thought about the songs on  A Duck in New York City:
  • A Duck In New York City: I love this song! It makes me feel like I am watching a live Broadway show with a funny story about a duck exploring New York City and all the amazing landmarks and attractions it has to offer...which then transitions into the song "New York, New York!"  How appropriate.
  • If You Love A Hippopotamus: I can really picture my kid's preschool class singing this one for sure! It is truly a funny song about "if you love a Hippopotamus, and you love her alotamus, she will be your friend...and that might be handy every now and then!" 
  • Laundry Bag:  The intro on this song is great with the sounds of quarters starting the washing machine.  A fun and quirky song about dirty laundry that is super-stinky and needs to get washed ASAP.  Guaranteed to have your kids laughing.
  • Belly Button: A song where maybe all but 5 words are belly button...well, kind of! Either way it is a cute love song about a girl who just loves her belly button so much.
  • The Alligator Waltz:  The tempo of this song really paints a picture of an alligator doing a very slow tango.  The lyrics are lots of fun and will make you want to get up and dance along too.
  • Seed In The Ground:  A sweet lullaby song about a seed that grows up into a root, a shoot, a stem, a flower, and finally a seed that starts the circle of life all over again.
  • Slug Opera:  They weren't really is an Opera song about slugs.  "Nobody likes us...we are slimy and's not our fault that we are stuck on the ground!"  A funny and creative song!
  • Honey, Honey, Honey: This is a perfect song that is great for preschoolers to sing along to-every chorus is "honey, honey, honey!"  The pattern of the song is very similar to other repetitive kid's chants, with one exception-this one is creative.
  • I Love Tomatoes:  This song was written for LoLo...can you guess why?  Well, he might pass on the "tomato milkshake" but otherwise the song does fit!
  • The Nose Song: "I've got two hands, but I can't understand why I have one little nose."  Can you guess the rest of the song? Add in a ukulele and walah you have a cute little song about a nose!
  • Quack, Quack, Quack:  "Quack, Quack, Quack sings the little yellow duckie.  Oink, oink, oink says the little pink piggy."  The song does many different animal songs from the barnyard and is perfect for little ones to sing along to.
  • I Want To Be A Cloud: A sweet soft song about growing up to become a cloud and float high in the air and change shapes into different objects.  A nice way to end the album that will have you wanting to stare up at the sky too.
A Duck in New York City can also be purchased with the accompanying book so you can really see each song come to life.

I give A Duck in New York City a 4 out of 5 for its creative renditions of the travels of a small town duck who has big dreams of becoming a star in New York City.


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