Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important by Trout Fishing In America

 The Secret Mountain is known for their book and audio CD combinations, and Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important by Trout Fishing In America is not to be missed.  This album comes with 12 great songs, the fully illustrated story book, and lyrics (in pdf format).

I really loved that I could listen to the story telling with amazing sound effects and songs while looking at the illustrations with the kids.  Having the lyrics to view with the songs was also a great added feature that I wish more albums would include!

The songs on this disc go from Rock-and-Roll, to Country, to Blue-Grass, to slow lullaby, and more.  Each one gives you a little peak into the life of Chicken Joe and his crazy friends: Miss Kitty, King Kong, and Mister.

I found myself falling in love with the story and characters as I listened to the album and know you will too.

Here is the playlist and my take of each song:
  • Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important:  A cute story telling of Chicken Joe and his unique-lifestyle! This song paints the picture for the rest of the songs on the album, and offers great sound effects that will have your kids silent while imagining all the funny scenarios.
  • Rock and Roll Roosters: Oh Elvis Presley...this song would do you proud! I just love this song that takes me right back to the era of great rock and roll singers who REALLY had talent.  Cute lyrics that will have your little one yelling "Rock-and-Roll!"
  • 16 or 17 Hours of Sleep: Trying to remember what 80s song this one keeps reminding me of! Ugh, gonna drive me nuts.  A great one about sleeping the day away-oh, how I miss those days!
  • Hello, My Chicken Thinks He's a Dog:  A crazy song about a chicken who eats homework and chases the mailman! Will have your little ones laughing in the car, and saying "that psycho chicken thinks he's a dog!"
  • Through the Pines:  Love the country vibe and fiddle in this one and can just picture myself walking the trail through the pines. 
  • For Me to Know and You to Find Out:  This song reminds me of my brother and every time he said "that is for me to know and you to find out!"  The piano in the background really adds to the upbeat tempo of the song and makes me think of Jerry Lee Lewis!
  • The Fish Swim Backwards in the Sky: A whole lot of crazy nonsense in this one-and I liked it! Between "don't hold hands with a cactus tree" and "fish swimming backwards in the sky" you will have yourself imagining all these oddities for yourself.
  • C-A-T in the H-E-N House:  I am a sucker for any song that teaches my kids to spell.  They will learn a bunch of them in this one! Perfect for curious preschoolers (like LoLo) who always ask me what I am spelling when I talk in code to Daddy (yeah, guess he is too old for that one now)!
  • Where Did Everybody Go?:  Feeling lost? This song can help your little one find comfort in the fact that when everyone seems to disappear it is not forever.  A great song for LaLa right now as she began her first week of preschool.
  • You've Got a Funny Name: A song about Chicken Joe (a cat), Miss Kitty (a dog), King Kong (a bird), and Mister (a Mule) and their very odd names!
  • The Big Game: A fun upbeat song that will have you stomping your feet to the beat and singing along.
  • Dance With Me:  This song slows it down a bit and will teach your little ones a bit of French as they sing along "Dansez avec moi, gentille fille."

I give Trout Fishing In America's Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important CD and book disc a 4 out of 5 for great creativity, and wonderful album features!


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