Friday, September 2, 2011

Just For Mom: ErgoRapido by Electrolux

Ok, so I hoped to kick of this series with something truly fun and exciting for Moms like some great fall boots or something (that one coming soon), but then I looked over at my ErgoRapido vacuum by Electrolux in my kitchen and just knew I had to include it.  Why?  Because this little and powerful vacuum saves my back, saves me time, and is still putting up a fight after being beat down many times!

The ErgoRapido is a very small upright vacuum that also has a small handheld unit within it that can be removed (remember your Mom's old Dust Buster? Like that but actually sucks up big stuff!).  Our new house (as well as our old house) have wood floors in EVERY room!  Looks pretty, but a big pain for dust and bugs-especially now that we live in a forest!

This vacuum lives in a corner of my kitchen on the stand which will recharge the unit whenever I place it on top (very convenient).  I use it to pick up all the kid's crumbs from meals, flies that die in the window sill, and even used it to pick up broken glass on the floor yesterday (don't recommend it, but I was desperate and it worked).  I love that I can use the ErgoRapido as an upright or a handheld and get any job done.  The spinning sweeper seems to pick up even tiny crumbs, and the one time my cleaning lady broke it (why do they always break something?) I called Electrolux and they sent out the part for free, and fast!

I also have to mention that the portion of the vacuum that covers the ground while you use the upright has a head that will swivel side to side, making it easy to get under chairs without doing the typical vacuum back-and-forth dance.  That one kills it only me?! 

If you are going to have one item to clean up your kitchen, this one is a must! The price is a little high for a secondary vacuum, but with the service and the beating it can stand up to-it is a must-have!


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