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Johnson's Baby Products: They Work For Babies, What About Me?

This fantastic post is courtesy of my cousin Christine who runs 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic.  She has tons of great information on all the latest and greatest beauty products out there, and I thought this particular series of articles on Johnson's Baby Products and their great uses for Moms would be of interest to all of you out there.

This article is #1 in the series, so stay tuned for more great tips and "hidden" uses for these products!

Johnson's asked me to try out some of their baby products for myself. Blog about how my skin did (or didn't) like it. They sent me a selection of products, and a gift card to go buy more if I needed it (I did, I needed body wash. A girl can only use so much baby powder!). So, why am I doing it? Really, I already have a bunch of this stuff in my house. I have an 8 month old. I'd already been wondering about this. Then someone offered to let me do it for free. Of course I said yes!
So, what exactly am I using?

Read on to find out.

So, I've decided to concentrate on products that were not currently in use in my household. Which means that my daughter's head to toe body wash (She uses both the original and lavender scented versions. At the same time. Because mom uses original and dad the lavender scented when we attack her with suds in the tubby.), her pink baby lotion (for after tubby, and frequently used by me as hand lotion since it resides next the the sink in her bathroom), and our dog's No More Tears Shampoo (seriously, that stuff is really good for dogs) are all off the list of potential testing products. I wanted to try something new. Because I like new and shiny.

So, what I'm using:
Baby Oil: Duh. It's a classic.
Gel Baby Oil: I had no idea this stuff also came in a gel. Multiple kinds even. I'm mostly using this for super hydration. Think cuticles and dry hands.
Body Wash: As... uh... body wash?
Creamy Oil Cocoa & Shea Butter: This is a thick lotion with a lot of mineral oil in it (just picture it sealing in that moisture) that I'm using in place of my usual Cetaphil cream after my morning shower. I've been a big Cetaphil fan for years. This is likely going to be the hardest product to replace.

So far it is going pretty well. The body wash has a nice lather and rinses off easily. I feel like it gets me clean. The creamy oil lotion is really, really nice. It is very thick and feels amazing when I apply it, and it really seals in hydration. My skin feels really soft and I've had no flares of my eczema. The baby oil has been super useful with all of my lipstick posts (it takes everything off in 1 swipe!).

And that Gel Baby Oil? I have a feeling that I'm going to be stocking up on this for the winter. I use about a pea sized amount as I'm about to wash my hands. First, I wet my hands (need to have some moisture to seal in!), then I rub it over my cuticles. I really try to get all around my cuticles and then push it down on to my knuckles and finally the backs of my hands. It does feel a bit greasy, but I take care of that by adding in soap, and I concentrate on washing the palms of my hands and let the cuticles/backs of my hands be washed somewhat by accident. This takes away the excess oil. The result is that my hands aren't greasy, feel well hydrated and my cuticles.... oooooo.... I've been feeling a tad dry until I started doing this. Despite doing more nail polish changes my cuticles are flawless. I definitely recommend trying this out!

I'll be updating you about my Johnson's Baby Challenge every week for the next 3 weeks. I'll also be addressing some of those "alternative uses" that you always read about but are afraid to try for yourself.

Johnson's Baby

*article courtesy of Christine at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

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