Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY: Make An Adorable Headband Holder In Less Than 15 Minutes

As you may already know, I am LaLa is addicted to hair accessories! I previously bought her a tutu clip holder from ETSY.com and filled that thing up already, and now that her new bathroom has tons of counter space I decided to do something about the stacks of headbands!

So, I went on ETSY.com and found some adorable headband holders-but seriously $15?  I knew I could make it for less.  Now I will show you how to make your own for less than $10 and for no more than 15 minutes of your time.

Here is what you will need:
-Duct tape OR Gorilla tape (this is a super strong duct tape)
-Craft glue
-Ribbon (one spool or package will do)
-One crafting fabric square (18" x 21" works great)
-One paper towel roll
-One large silk flower (try for the same diameter as the paper towel roll)

Now, just follow the super simple steps below:
  • Iron the fabric square so it no longer has any creases
  • Unwrap the plastic from the paper towel roll (or you probably could leave it on if you want it waterproof-I'm just not sure how well the glue would hold)
  • Run a zig-zag of glue down the seam of the paper towel roll (lengthwise where the roll begins)
  • Place the edge of the fabric along the glue leaving equal amounts of fabric overhanging each edge
  • Roll the paper towel up in the fabric and fold down the edge of the remaining fabric so it just overlaps where you glued previously.  
  • Apply more glue to the fabric where you began the roll and stick down the folded end of the fabric
  • Tuck the remaining fabric into the ends of the paper towel roll (you can glue if you want, but not necessary)
  • Take your ribbon and glue it from the top of the roll, down the seam, under the base, then along the other side opposite the seam.  My ribbon had a specific top-down pattern (see pic) so I had to cut the ribbon and wrap from the top down on both sides and tuck into the base.  
  • Put a piece of Duct Tape over the base and the top to hold everything together-it will be covered by a flower later, and the base will not really show.
  • Remove the silk flower from the stem but make sure the prong stay attached to the flower (not the stem)
  • Poke a small hole in the tape, then glue in a spiral all around the entire top of the roll where the flower will go.
  • Push the flower prong into the hole and push down some petals to stick to the glue
  • Allow the holder to dry, then place with headbands all around it
* You can even put this holder onto a paper towel rack that will allow it to spin and will make sure it won't tip on the counter.

I hope you enjoy your adorable holder. I think that this would be a great and easy project for daughters to make themselves or for Girl Scout groups to make as a craft.


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