Friday, August 26, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: Months of the Year

TouchyBooks' Months of the Year is a great book for preschoolers and kindergartners who are getting ready for the school year.  As a teacher, I love that each of the pages that talks about the months has phrases that rhyme; however, I was disappointed that the names of each month was all in caps, when it would have been a better teaching tool if they only started with a capital letter instead.  

I really liked the graphics and the simple stories that went along with the theme of each month (ex: skiing in January, Halloween in October, etc).  LaLa really liked the interactive features which were:
  • Putting Away Snow Clothes: drag and drop the winter clothes into the wooden chest
  • Musical Flowers: Spring flowers play a musical note when you touch them and the pinwheel spins
  • Popping Balloons: LaLa loved popping the balloons at the graduation party in June
  • Halloween Dress-Up: So much fun to dress up the kitty in different Halloween costumes and accessories!
  • Sorting Fruit: The perfect preschool activity of sorting apples, oranges, and lemons from the tree to coordinating baskets.
This story is a must-have for any child starting preschool and/or kindergarten!


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