Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TouchyBooks Review: The Little Rock and Rollers

The Little Rock and Rollers is a new TouchyBook for any child who loves music...isn't that all of them?  I really loved the cute graphics and the 'funky monkey' who played the drums, but the best parts were the interactive features!  Two of the kid's favorites were playing the keyboard, which reminded me a lot of the movie Big but on a pint-sized scale.  The other interactive hit was dressing the girl guitarist up for the rock concert.  LaLa really liked picking all the clothes and accessories out to put on her, and I loved that it had an advanced feature which placed the items in the correct position (which means even a child lacking good fine motor skills can do it).

The Little Rock and Rollers is a cute (but very simple) story that is worth the buy just for the interactive features I mentioned previously.


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