Thursday, August 18, 2011

TouchyBooks 2.0: The Little Mermaid Review

It seems that with all the craziness going on around here lately I had missed the boat on the launch of TouchyBooks 2.0.  I just love this app, and was sceptical on the upgrade; however, I found it had some new features I truly LOVE! The updated software is still free and features the amazing TouchyBooks you know and love (with new ones coming almost weekly it seems), but now have a few new features.  I really appreciated that they added an autoplay feature to the books so that my 3 year old (who is not so skilled with fine motor skills yet) can enjoy the entire story without turning the pages.  The new look of The Store and My Bookshelf is really cute, and the new stories they are coming out with just keep getting better.
Today's story review is on The Little Mermaid.  The graphics really caught my attention, and truly reminded me of one particular kid's cartoon that is going to kill terrorize annoy me until I figure out the name of it!  Any help would be great!  Anyways, I love the graphics and I must begrudgingly admit that the accompanying accordion music did go well with the theme-who knew (oh wait, TouchyBooks did).  The classic story (not the Disney Story) is retold in a bright and vibrant landscape with cute characters and simple interactive features.  This book was low on the touch-and-react features; however, the story itself made up for it. 

Definitely one to add to your TouchyBooks Bookshelf!


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