Monday, August 8, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Sock-A-Delic by The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band might be known to you for their stint on Nick Jr's Jack's Big Music Show, but they are also known for their live stage shows, new DVD (The Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD), as well as their latest CD Sock-A-Delic.  This album is a mix of upbeat songs that are guaranteed to have your little ones up and rockin' out! I like that their lyrics are easy to sing along to, and their music seems current enough that it appeals to everyone (yes, even adults). 
The song list includes:
Come Join The Band- Short upbeat intro song which is featured in their new DVD titled The Dirty Sock Funtime Band.

Baby Spies-Hmmm, I remember this one from Jack's Big Music Show but wasn't it titled Super Spies?  Either way, the kids and I still like the tempo and silly lyrics.

Ernesto's-Sounds like a crazy infomercial gone wrong, very wrong.  Not sure what was going on with this song, but didn't care for it!

Dino-Soaring-One of our favorite songs on the list and love how it just makes you want to jump and dance.  With lyrics like "it must be music that makes me lose it" I can see why.  I remember this one from Jack's Big Music Show and we love it just as much then as we do now.  Worth buying the CD for this one.

Treasure-A crazy and silly song, but the kids really liked it.  It was nice that the lyrics would prep the kids for the upcoming verse by talking about the sea animal they would be singing about before they started the chorus.

Rage Against The Time Machine-This title sounds a little familiar to me!  Anyways, the intro is funny for adults....but what kid is really going to get it?! They travel back in time by 7 seconds, then repeat what they just said.  They travel back in time by 7 seconds, then repeat what they just said (sorry, it seems funnier now)!  The song itself is just ok, but not one of my favorites.

Table Manners-This song reminds me of the Scottish Highlands with the flute player at the beginning.  The song then goes into a medieval sounding song about poor table manners.  Very interesting one.

Half Rock Angel-A very cute upbeat song about a girl who is half rock, half angel and rocks out in a band?! Not sure I caught all the lyrics, but just knew that LoLo, LaLa and I liked it.  I even caught Mr. F (15 months) head-banging in the carseat!

Dream of the Clown- A funky song sung by Mr. Clown's character.  Honestly, I didn't care for it at all and just thought it was weird odd unusual.

Donut Brain Aliens-A song that chants "Donut" for the entire intro...well, you know what that did to my preschoolers right?! Ahhh, they have been asking for donuts all week now (thanks DSFB)!  The rest of the song has such a great beat though that we still enjoyed it, especially the chorus.

Music Everywhere- This is the type of song that I associate with The Dirty Sock Funtime Band-good, clean, upbeat fun that makes everyone jump up and dance.  We will play this song over and over and everyone dances each time with a big smile on their faces.  LoLo loves to "make guitar solos in the air!"  This one would be a preschool teacher's best friend!

The Bad Habit Boy- This song is about Willie McWaste who wastes everything from water to food to clothing.  A silly song about how NOT to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Good Job-The kids thought this song was silly, but somehow the lead singer and a few of the beats reminded me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Does that visual work for you?! Somehow it did for me.  Maybe Mommy needs a nap too!

I Love It!-A song about anything and everything the lead singer loves.  Found I liked a few of those things, but overall I did like the beat of the song.  I also enjoyed where the kids could fill in the blank with shouting out what they love!

No Good Reason Party-The classic song by The Dirty Sock Funtime Band that will be a hit with anyone with a child under 9!  Who wouldn't like an upbeat, fun song about having a party for no good reason at all.  LaLa thinks this is a great idea and wants everyday to be her party.  No one else gets one, just her!

Overall Sock-A-Delic by The Dirty Sock Funtime Band gets a 3 out of 5 stars.  I feel the CD is worth purchasing just to get the most classic hit songs: Baby Spies, Dino-Soaring, Music Everywhere and No Good Reason Party. 


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