Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Practically Ridiculous by The Jimmies

Summer is finally coming to an end (thank goodness! oh, did I just admit that I want my kids to go back to school?), and we have really been enjoying all the CDs that have come our way this summer.  One album that will definitely be in my grab-and-go spot in the car is Practically Ridiculous by The Jimmies!  This album (soon to be released on September 20th) is fun, funky, and VERY mom-friendly.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let me just say that I have listened to it in the car without the kids (cough, many times) and I don't mind admitting it (well, maybe just a tiny bit)!
Ashley Albert is the lead singer (and songwriter) for The Jimmies and I just love the sound of her voice.  Which makes sense given that she is a voice over artist for such shows as Daria (remember that one moms?), Courage The Cowardly Dog, and Bubble Guppies (ah! that is why I recognized her voice).  Her voice reminds me of a cross between the super-sweet kindergarten teacher I had so many years ago, and that explosively-hyper squirrel from the movie Hoodwinked!  Got your attention now?  Well, Albert's singing will as well.

The album's songs are a unique mix of so many different styles that I had a hard time picking my favorite, so here is the playlist with my opinions:
  • Birthday: This song reminds me of LaLa and how excited she gets about her birthday party every year, and how she gets bigger and bigger ideas as the event nears.  The song is very girl-band upbeat esque that Selena Gomez fans will really enjoy.
  • Minivan Hotrod: Great song! This one reminds me of Gwen's Banana song (yes, you WILL be spelling minivan by the time the song is through) and a little bit of Milly Elliot's rap inspiration.  Then when you listen to the lyrics you will truly fall in love: "Windows go half-way down as we cruise around town...don't have to wait until you are older, I see you already have a cup-holder!"  Seriously hilarious!
  • Fine Art: I feel like I stepped back in time to a smokey bar in the 30s with a jazz singer crooning along with a full band; however, the song is about making art out of noodles (and tons of glitter) and hanging it on the fridge.  Great fun.
  • Wash Up: How in the world does this song remind me of The Mackarena?  I guess because the chorus of "right shoulder, left shoulder, hands, and then off your pants" makes me want to act it out! Oh, that might not be inappropriate!  One of my favorite songs that will make you want to Wash Up.
  • Bonfire: A country song that makes me smile every time.  I love the sound of Albert's voice in this one about a bonfire that grows stronger and higher as it is built up.  Simple lyrics, but amazing vocals and instrumentation. 
  • Every Day's a Holiday: An indie-punk rock song (not really sure what that term means, but it seems to fit), about how "everyday is a holiday with you." This one is fun and upbeat and will have the little ones playing air guitar in their carseats!
  • Toothless Lament: I can completely visualize myself as a kid with my two missing front teeth with this song (after all they were gone for about 3 years!).  The lyrics are great too: "I can only approach from the left or the right, if I ever hope to crunch off a bite."
  • Laugh In Any Language: A silly song about visiting different countries and not being able to speak any of the language.  The wonderful moral is that laughter is the same no matter where you are from-so making friends is easy.
  • The Hook:  "You're gonna love it, ew you're gonna love it!"  The lyrics are right, you will!
  • Tea Party: LaLa's favorite song about having a tea party in the sun.  So girly that you can just picture the girl putting pink polish on her nails.
  • Career Day: "I don't know what I wanna be....I can't see why I have to choose just one, when there are so many jobs that sound like so much fun!"  Albert goes on to talk about all the wonderful jobs she would love to have: a lemonade stand, rock and roll band, and fighting Darth Vader (to name only a few).  You will have to buy the CD to hear the rest!
  • Gonna Get A Hamster: A country hoedown about a very hyper girl who is getting a hamster, and how she is making room on the dresser, hanging balloons, buying him a glow in the dark t-shirt and rollerskates, and all those other "normal" things you do when you get a pet!
  • Kids Wanna Rock:  "If the kids wanna rock, let 'em rock, let 'em rock!"  Seems to be the motto of the entire CD, and this song will get them up out of their chairs for sure.
  • I Like That Very Much!: Hahahaha, a 4 second song chorus phrase that seems to fit right in with the album's vibe.  Will have to hear it for yourself to understand the joke!
I give Practically Ridiculous by The Jimmies an easy 5 out of 5 for its fun and funky beats, amazing lyrics, fantastic instrumentation, and unique (and lovely) lyrics!  Will have to check out more albums by The Jimmies.


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