Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke

Hey Pepito! by Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke is a fun little EP with a lot of spunk! Did I really just say spunk? Wow, Pippi Longstocking flashback there!  I enjoyed the eclectic mix of songs and the silly lyrics.  I also like the price at $6.98 for the download of the 6 songs!

Hey Pepito- This is the fastest song I think I have ever heard, with super funny lyrics about...I am still not sure... a manic hamster perhaps?

Don Mario's Song-A fun, English, rock-beat anthem in honor of Don Mario.  Again, I have no idea-I just know I liked it!  I especially liked when the singer announced each instrument as it played a solo and the kids had a chance to learn about a lot of unique musical instruments.

Talking Big Pet Pig-A cute banjo song about a pig who "started out smaller than a half-pint squealer and ended up an 18-wheeler!"

It's So Good- A happy little reggae-inspired song about "it is so good to feel good!"

Mary The Fairy-A song about Mary The Fairy who could not fly, and how she was left out of activities with the other fairies.  In the end she conquered her fear and found she wasn't really scared of flying after all. A great song that all kids can relate to.

Summer Lullaby-A sweet soft song about saying goodnight to all of the animals in the wild.  They are all getting tucked-in and ready for bed by the light of the moon.

I gave Hey Pepito! a 3 out of 5 stars; definitely worth checking out!


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