Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trader Joe's Food Items For Picky Eaters (And Even Pickier Parents)

Our week usually consists of going to Costco and Trader Joe's at least once, and it seems that I am always picking up the same items every trip!  That is because I love that you can find food items are healthy and wholesome, and the kids love to eat them.  Seriously a win-win. 

So I thought that those of you who are like me and prefer to give your children healthy and natural foods might like what we here is our HIT LIST for Trader Joe's (Costco list coming soon):
  • -Apple Crushers: A natural preservative-free apple sauce in a no-spill pouch that your kids can drink.  Great for school!
  • -Mini Frozen Pizzas:  Tiny enough for 2 kid-sized bites.  Preservative-free and taste great.  Really easy to microwave in about 1 minute and send to school! 
  • -Yogurt Tubes: Organic, come in a box of 12 I think. Great to freeze then throw in a lunchbox (acts as a cooler and thaws by lunchtime).
  • -Mini Chicken Tacos: All natural and the perfect bite-size for kids.
    -Frozen White Rice Packs: 3 minutes in the microwave and comes out perfect and sticky! I make this about 2 times a week and serve with Soy Sauce or plain.
  • -Frozen Gluten Free/Dairy Free Pancakes:  Even if you do not have a dairy/gluten allergy, these pancakes are great! They are very thin and come in packs of 3. They can be thrown in the toaster and come out just like homemade ones (crispy on the edges and cushiony in the middle). Great size for kids, and the baby loves them too!
  • -Mini Ice Cream Cones: Come in vanilla with chocolate hard shell, or chocolate with chocolate hard shell.  They are the tiniest cones I have ever seen and the perfect size for a preschooler! They can eat the whole thing before it melts.
  • -Kettle Corn: All natural, and very low calorie.  All ready popped in the bag too!
  • -Veggie Sticks/Veggie Chips: Vegetables in the shape of chips...what's not to love?

Our list is always growing so I will do another post with more items in the future.

I would love to hear what your kid-favorite Trader Joe's items are so please leave me a comment below.

Disclosure: None...I should invest in Trader Joe's stock with how much I spend there!

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