Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TouchyBooks Review and Giveaway: Vacation To Mars

TouchyBooks' new release Vacation To Mars is a cute story about an alien family that takes a vacation to the amusement park.  The Mom, Dad and 3 kids enjoy playing many carnival-type games that are similar to what you might think to see...with one strange twist: they are martian-themed!

LoLo and LaLa really liked popping the balloons on the Ferris wheel, and inserting the coin into the 'molecular distorter!'  Dunking the Dad alien in the tank of water by shooting a target was a HUGE hit with LoLo (after all what 4 year old boy doesn't like something that 'shoots' objects?).
The graphics were very vibrant and cute, especially the baby cyclops that wears a diaper!
Vacation to Mars was a big hit, and now you have a chance to win it!



  1. Thanks for the chance to win Vacation to Mars. My son just watched Mars needs Moms and he loved it.

  2. This one looks fun i think my 4 yo twins would love it

  3. Good review.It will took my kid to mars:).Will love it


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