Friday, July 1, 2011

Rockboard: The 2-In-1 Scooter That ROCKS!

I first discovered Rockboard Scooters on and just knew that we had to try one out (and I am so glad we did)! Something about those summer months and spending so much time at the park seems to have me on a scooter kick right now (bad pun intended-sorry).
This scooter is unlike any scooter on the market!  It is a 2-in-1 scooter that can be a regular kick scooter, or can convert (with a quick 2 adjustments) to a scooter that you propel by rocking back and forth.  I was so excited to try it out!  When the package arrived I was shocked at how huge it was.  I opened it up to find a gigantic Rockboard that was bright orange (LOVE it) and had chrome everywhere.  It looked more like an expensive toy for Mommy rather than LoLo and LaLa. 

It already came assembled (even better) and just needed to be unfolded and tightened down into postition.  Once we had it standing up, I realized this Original Rockboard Scooter was more geared towards adults (hooray), rather than children.  Rockboard suggests this Original rockboard for ages 8 and up; however, I would suggest only older teens and up (try the Mini Rockboard for younger kids).

I decided to try it out in the rockboard setting first.  Here is what it looks like:
I adjusted the board portion by pulling out a pin and pushing down on the back of the board.  The space between the wheels will then slide together and you push the pin into the new hole.  Next, I released the tension on the knob (located at the front wheel) and changed the angle of the front post.  It was easy to do once I figured it all out; however, the directions were not as clear as I had hoped.  Good news is that once you do it one time you will have it down. 

When it is in the rockboard setting, you can propel yourself by placing one foot on the back of the board and one in the front and push down alternately. The chain works just like on a bicycle and even makes a clicking sound as you go (which I rather enjoyed and found very retro like a playing card on my back wheel).  The handlebars on the Original Rockboard could be adjusted easily to fit me (at 5'9"), then to my husband (6'), and even to Grandma at 5'.  I like that there is a hand brake which will stop you on a dime...almost found that one out the hard way (like concrete kind of hard)!  One thing that did surprise me (and took a little getting used to) was the high profile of the board.  When in the rockboard setting you are about 6 inches or so off the ground at the highest point and it takes some good balance to start off.  My long hallway was just not enough space, but a flat driveway outside was much more manageable.  One I got used to the height, I found the Rockboard to be very peaceful.  Something about the rocking motion made it relaxing to operate (with very little effort) and seemed to glide over surfaces.

This is the perfect scooter for a very long flat sidewalk where you want to go quickly with little effort (like next to the bay or around a large park).  I suggest flat for this rocking type of movement; however, the board is very capable of doing large hills too.  For big hills I would suggest using the kickboard setting.

To adjust the Rockboard to a standard kickboard-type scooter you just adust the lower pin, adjust the position of the front post, and off you go.  This setting makes the board much more low profile and did allow my kids to try it out, but only for a second or too (Mommy wanted it back)!

So if you are looking for a new unique toy that will have all your neighbors oohing and ahhing over-this is it!  My family and I had so much fun taking it to the park and hearing all the remarks from people who wanted to try it out. 

Available at,, and  Remember to check out the Mini Rockboard for kids, or the Orignial Rockboard for adults.


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  3. Help! I saw a child riding a unique scooter. It road like a kick scooter but it also had a rear foot pump so the child could make the scooter go by either kicking or pumping it. It wasn't a rocker. Anyone know what it was and where to get it?


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