Friday, July 22, 2011

Posh Mommy From QVC: The Ultimate Push Present!

Push presents are not just for A-list celebrities anymore, they are for all Mommies!  Of course the baby is the ultimate present, but nothing helps you forget a little of the pain from labor like a brand new piece of jewelry just for you.  Ah, feel better already?

The wonderful thing about today's post is that you can get a piece of jewelry for you, with your new baby's name or initial on it, and since it is from QVC it will not break the bank! Hooray, a win-win for everyone.

QVC has partnered with Posh Mommy to offer a new line of sterling silver and 18k gold-plated sterling silver jewelry that is simply amazing!  They have tons of selections to offer, such as:

These Sterling Silver Tags (most come with chains) in Mini Dog Tag w/Birth Stone, and Disc Styles:
These 18k choices are the Tall Tag (with or without birthstone), and the Initial Disc:

I tested out the 18k gold-plated tall tag (shown above but without the simulated birthstone).  I chose the 18k because I do not usually wear yellow gold and decided that with my new summer tan it would look great (which it did), plus I need to branch out more.  It arrived very quickly (as most of the items I order from QVC do) and I just LOVED the packaging.  These would also make great Christmas or Birthday presents because they come in a cute little see-through container with the jewelry bag, cloth cleaner, and business card inside. The Posh Mommy name and logo are printed on all the items, and I really like the clean look of the design!

Now, on to the best necklace! I am so IN LOVE with this necklace.  First off, I must say that I have ordered 2 similar type necklaces before from various sellers through a well-known hand-made website-and they don't even place in the same category as this one.  The quality and overall construction of the necklace I tried (18k tall tag with chain) is excellent.  This piece of jewelry is one that will last forever and could be passed down to your child someday (if you are willing to part with it).  

The tag has nice rounded corners and is much thicker than I would have expected.  The font used on this tag is very easy to read, yet still delicate looking.  I like how the tag is polished to a super-shiny finish that not only make the letters really stand out, but also makes the tag feel like butter against your skin.  The chain is also amazing quality and has stood up to more than a few hard tugs from Mr. F (bad baby)! The chain can be adjusted to the longest length of 20" or down to 18".  The small lobster clasp does not pull hair unlike my other necklaces, and I even noticed that when worn on the 20" length the weight of the tall tag kept the clasp behind my neck the entire day, rather than falling towards the front after an hour or two.  Not sure if it is just me and my "Mommy OCD" that gets bugged by this, but thought it was worth including (I can't be alone right?)!

QVC has so many Posh Mommy designs to choose from that I couldn't include them all, so there is one to fit every taste and budget!  Visit Posh Mommy on QVC now to check out all their latest styles.  I know I will be ordering 2 more tags for this necklace with my other kids names on them soon!


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