Saturday, July 9, 2011

Party Day DVD!: The Laurie Berkner Band Strikes GOLD Again

Do you know that we are HUGE Laurie Berkner fans in this house?!  Please don't tell me you don't know who she is!  Well, in case you were unaware here is the background on how we discovered her music.  I first heard The Laurie Berkner Band play on the Nick Jr. TV show Jack's Big Music Show (no longer running, but can still find re-runs, a MUST for your DVR).  We fell in love with her folksy-hippie vibe and the warmth she exudes that just screams "I am a sweet preschool teacher who will spoil you with milk and cookies!"  Turns out I was closer to the truth, as I just found out she was a former preschool music teacher (can't you see it in her pic below?).

She was described by Time Magazine as "a kind of sippy-cup Sheryl Crow...Berkner inhabits a kid's curious perspective in her lyrics and pens folk-pop melodies that bear repeated-very repeated- listenings."  The Wall Street Journal called her "one of the most popular children's performer's in America..."
The Laurie Berkner Band just appeared on The CBS Morning Show today to sing some songs from their new DVD Party Day! This DVD and combo CD pack will be released on JULY 26th and is fantastic!  We just loved watching the cute music videos that feature the band members (Laurie, Susie, Adam, and Bobby) as they play instruments and sing various party-themed songs.  The videos also include many kids (which my kids love to copy) and animations dancing and moving with the melodies.  I especially loved the way they segued from one themed party to the next by using a giant invitation on a balloon that would float onstage, Laurie would open it and the "magic" invite would tell which party was next (ex: costume, pj, birthday party).  Then the card would open to reveal a new set and the band members would "jump" down into it! My kids had gaping fish mouths at this point because they had no idea how someone could do that...go special effects department!

I have to admit that I LOVED every single song! LaLa really loved the birthday cake song and keep yelling at me all day long "where is the cake?  where is the cake?"  LoLo liked the songs at the costume party, and I have to say that I was wondering where I could get a DEVO hat like the one Susie was wearing! Yes, you 30 something Moms probably know what I am talking about :)

The DVD was a really great length at 49 minutes and had 3 stopping points in between the themes in case you need to cut it shorter for bedtime (worked well to bribe the kids to sleep so they could watch the rest in the morning)!  There are 4 songs in each of the 3 themed party sections and there is no "filler" other than them reading an invite and jumping to the next party set, which was great to keep the kid's attention the entire time with song after song.  The DVD pack also came with a bonus CD featuring 5 songs from the video.

Overall, I would rate this video up there as one of our new favorites (alongside Gnomeo and Juliet and Sleeping Beauty).  The kids were dancing and singing for the whole video, and the songs were friendly on a grown-up's ears as well.  I thought that some of the animations that were interspersed in a few of the songs were a little hokey and simple, but they didn't deter from the song.

This DVD/CD combo pack is a MUST HAVE so run out and get yours on July 26th!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the DVD Party Day! to facilitate this review.  All words and opinions are my own unless properly cited.

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