Thursday, July 14, 2011

Loving My Coach Diaper Bag

You gotta feel bad for that third child and all the hand-me-downs he gets, so I decided that when Mr. F was born I would get a new diaper bag.  Yes, that is how I justified it....but we all know that the diaper bag is really for the Mom and not the baby.  Oh well!

I have had other diaper bags in the past, but I really love this diaper bag and here is why:
  • This particular Coach diaper bag is treated with a stain resistant product that gives the fabric an almost laminated feel.  When I say this don't think cheap because it does not look or feel cheap.
  • It is very stylish with the recognizable CC fabric and bold vertical stripes.
  • It has tons of pockets inside which are large enough to fit: changing pad (which it comes with), 2 bottles, wallet, cell phone, shoes, bibs, etc.  
  • I like that the pockets are all large and deep and not item-specific, except the changing pad one, (and a bottle could fit in any of the 5 pockets).
  • The shoulder straps are the perfect length, especially for taller women like me.
  • It also comes with a single clip-on strap which is very wide and can be worn cross-body or hang on a stroller.
  • There are large metal rings that can easily be attached to Petunia Pickle Bottom Valet Clips that can be added to any stroller.  This makes hanging this bag on your Bugaboo very easy and secure.  
So when you are expecting that third, fourth, or fifth child just think "he never gets anything new, he should at least have a great diaper bag!"  Too bad the hubby didn't buy it...but good thing for me Grandma did :)

Disclosure: None. I purchased this diaper bag myself.

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