Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Wild Child-Celebrate Earth Music Series

Today's CD Wild Child is the fourth disc in the "Celebrate Earth" series by Recess Music whose goal is to help children become more aware of all the amazing things our planet has to offer through "earth-friendly" music.  This disc pays tribute to Africa and the animals who live in the Serengeti.

When I first received this disc I noticed the cute graphics on the cover right away, and loved the overall packaging.  I really looked forward to listening to it with the kids.  Wild Child: Celebrate Earth Music Series is an interesting mix of various children's music singers whose only connection seemed to be that they were all singing about Africa; however, with that said there were some songs on this disc that we loved.
  • Earth Lullaby reminds me of The Lion King stage show. It has a very soothing African lullaby feel, and the tone of the singer is smooth and comforting.
  • Sunrise In The Jungle is really cute about the animals waking up in the jungle.  The kids liked the upbeat tempo and how easy is was to bounce along to in the car.
  • Rita The Cheetah was a funny song that had the kids laughing.  The intro where the singers were speaking another language really got their attention, and they liked that they could sing along to the chorus of "Rita The Cheetah."
  • In The Jungle was one that the kids really liked. The realistic animal sounds in the background got them interested right away, and they liked singing along "just another day in the jungle."
  • Thula Baba had a soothing melody that was calm and relaxing, but the kids kept cracking up whenever they would sing "baba."  I think it had something to do about the fact that they call their blankies "baba" and they thought it was funny to hear someone singing a lullaby to a blanket! Oh my! Still a hit though....they keep asking me for the baba song.
Wild Child: Celebrate Earth Music Series is a nice CD with a great message and worth checking out.  I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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