Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Making Silly Faces By In The Nick Of Time

Making Silly Faces by In The Nick Of Time is honestly one of those CDs that Moms will buy just for the cover art alone! I mean, what a smart idea to hold a cover contest for parents to submit photos of their kids making silly faces.  Ah, wish I had known about that one!  The pictures on the cover (see below) are just classic and make me smile every time I look at it. 

Musician Nick Deysher, who is the lead in the group In The Nick Of Time, previously received a Parent's Choice Gold Award for his album People, Places and Things in 2010, and I have no doubt that this new CD (available September 6th, 2011) will be as highly acclaimed!

I popped this disc in the car the other day as I drove the kids to school and upon hearing the first song thought-this is so different than any other kid's music I have ever heard! The first song, The Sun Is Up (And So Am I) reminds me so much of the song at the end of the movie School Of Rock.  That final song in the movie is a huge hit in our house and played over and over until the DVR is about to die!

The Sun Is Up has a great rock and roll sound with very catchy lyrics that are perfect for preschoolers (and older ones) to sing along to.  I especially loved the line "I wanna run and play, I wanna jump and dance, I wanna get myself up if I could just button my pants!" The kids found that one hysterical as well! LaLa loved singing the chorus of this song "yeah, yeah, yeah good morning, yeah, yeah, yeah good morning to you!"  This song was absolutely the hit of the CD, but the other songs were really a very close second.

Here is what we liked about each song:
-The Sun Is Up (And So Am I): Best song on the CD (see comments above).

-Making Silly Faces: A song everybody can relate to about making faces from the backseat at cars as they drive by your window.  Cute song that reminds me of a cross between a Jason Mraz song and a Hawaiian song with a ukulele! Yeah, I don't know if that makes sense...but the song works!

-Dancing Pants:  70's style Disco anthem that just screams "Saturday Night Fever!"  The kids kept asking "what is cutting a rug?"  Once I explained it, (hey, they learned something knew-loved that) they were really into the song.  I even taught them how to do the pointer finger just like John Travolta.  Instant hit!

-Pirates Never Say Please:  This song had a cute intro with Nick and his wife Tracey (she does some great vocals too) that will be a hit given how trendy Pirate-themed products are these days!  The song is about what poor manners pirates have and in the end they decide it is better to not be one.

-High Five Hive: Great counting song that has a very laid-back drum beat that I liked a lot.  Also teaches kids about the Queen Bee, Drones, etc and the entire working relationship of the hive.  The kids loved counting along with the song.  The more I listen to this one I like it.  Oh! I tried it...I liked it!

-Abajo/Arriba: This song is VERY Sublime sounding.  That is fantastic if you are a 30-something mom like me who was obsessed very into that band.  The sound switches between English and Spanish with the help of a little boy (who has an amazing voice) who helps Nick learn Spanish.  Really cute song that the kids can sing along to.

-In The Nick Of Time: This is a nice sweet song about coming to the rescue of a child who needs a parent, and getting there "in the nick of time."  Mommy and Daddy are not superheroes but will be there when you need true, and a cute message!

-I Tried It...I Liked It:  Hmmm, remind you of a song you heard on Yo Gabba Gabba?  Sure does, but this one DOES NOT suck! Oh I'm sorry, but I just can not stand that show.  Something about the songs and how they seem to dumb down the lyrics to make it "simpler" for kids.  Sorry, enough of that rant :)  This song is great and exposes kids to adults opinions of trying new foods and how they too can discover that they might "like it if they try it."

-Punk Rocks:  The title is a funny joke when you realize this is a rock song about rocks!  My mom who was a geology major at Berkley (yes, can you say hippie?) really enjoyed this one.  It teaches kids all about rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic and how they were formed.  The great rock beat, with the interesting UFO sound effects, had Mr. F (14 months) literally head-banging in his carseat! Where's the camera when I needed it?!

-Slumber Party:  Such a trendy song that I thought I was listening to Lady Gaga! Obviously LaLa's (age 3 and a Diva) favorite one for that reason alone.  It has a lot of the technical voice enhancements of a Lady Gaga song, but cute lyrics about going to a slumber party.  HUGE HIT!  Our second favorite song on the disc (The Sun Is Up is still number 1).

-It's Easy Being Green:  Nice guitar folksy song about how to save the environment.  Not one of our favorites on the disc, but still a good one.

-You've Got To Have Patience: This song has a cute intro in which one muscian tells the other he must be patient and wait for the end of the song to get a surprise.  The lyrics talk about many differnt sceanrios in which kids must be patient set to a mellow guitar beat with a surprise at the end.  No, I can't tell you...have patience!

-Let's Hear It For The Band: The kids really loved the harmonica solos in this song.  It was a cute fun beat that was a perfect way to end the disc.

The more I listen to Making Silly Faces, the more I love it! I honestly listen to it without kids in the car too.  Somehow all the songs tie together seamlessly even though the styles are very different.  Mom's will love this disc because it will remind you of all the music you love today.  I did notice that it is recommended for ages 2-8, but I completely disagree...all ages will love this one!

I imagine great things for this band!  I can't wait to see what they come up with next,  and will have to order their previous disc People, Places, & Things as well.  I give this CD a 5 out of 5!  New favorite in the car.


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