Monday, July 25, 2011

Kid's Music Series: Back To The Garden by Ted Jacobs

Isn't it funny how sometimes something you needed comes your way, and you didn't even know you needed it?  That is how I feel about today's CD Back To The Garden: Robert Louis Stevenson's 'A Child's Garden Of Verses' In Song-Volume Two.
This sweet Celtic-sounding disc is just the soothing, soft, and relaxing soundtrack I needed to calm down my crazy preschoolers!  The songs remind me of a Scottish countryside as the little kids are running over the grassy hills....which then somehow sounds more like a soap commercial now that I write about it.  Oh my, sorry, back to the soundtrack.  This CD has songs that blend seamlessly into one another and I was surprised every time it came back to song number one that it was over.  I wasn't ready for it to be over!

Musician and Composer Ted Jacobs is the mastermind behind Back To The Garden (released September 20, 2011), who also created the award-winning recording A Child's Garden Of Songs.  Both discs take works from Robert Louis Stevenson's  book of poems A Child's Garden Of Verses and sets them to music in a way that seems like they always were.  A Child's Garden Of Verses was one of my all time favorite books to read at bedtime when I was a little girl, and when the opportunity arose to review this CD I was very exited...but it was the songs themselves that I fell in love with! 

Each of the classic poems is set to a wonderfully peaceful, and old-world, Celtic vibe that seems to transport you back in time to imagine the experiences.  I found myself daydreaming about the little boys building a ship out of chair's and pillows (in A Good Play), while reminiscing about my own such experiences.  Then being transported into a small country village where a child is flying high in an old rope swing from a large oak tree (in The Swing).  I especially loved the songs that had children singing in the background and found that overall I listened to this CD with a giant smile on my face; to which LaLa (age 3) asked "Why are you smiling Mom? What's so funny? I don't know what's funny!" 

Back To The Garden is just the right mix of mellow and upbeat that it really did calm Thing 1 and Thing 2 down and staring off into space.  When asked what they were thinking about....I didn't even get a response; however, when the song was over I promptly got "play it again!"

This CD is now a favorite in our library, and I will absolutely be looking into purchasing A Child's Garden of Songs as well.


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