Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hog Wild's Beetle Spork: Making Dinner Fun AND Functional

Recently, as I was wasting enjoying time shopping in a local boutique kid's shop in San Diego, California I came across a super cute product called the Beetle Spork by Hog Wild.  Usually kid's silverware pieces are your basic steel tip with a decorative wrap along the stem and something on the tip, but this particular piece is as creative as it gets:
Hog Wild makes the Beetle Spork in the purple and lime design shown above, as well as a Beetle Spoon in the yellow/white and black/red combinations.  Each piece comes in a neat carrying case that will protect it from germs during travel and can easily fit into a kid's lunchbox.  The design regarding the wings is fantastic! The wings (which start out over the beetle's body) can fold 180 degrees so that they become a curved (and very wide) handle.  The Beetle Spork, which we tested, was very easy for all the kids to hold (even Mr. F at 15 months).  The spork portion was very large and had really long tines making it easy to pick up even difficult foods like grapes (the kids had fun with that one)!

The Beetle Spork is tons of fun and really got the kids excited about using utensils (which is great since LoLo prefers his hands still at age 4).

The Beetle Spork and Spoon make a great gift and perfect stocking stuffer for any age child.  I also enjoyed looking over Hog Wild's Home and Castle section of their website which had tons of great products for kids, such as the Reel Roaster which is a fishing reel turned marshmallow/hot dog roaster for fire pits! Hmmm, might have to review that one as well!


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