Saturday, July 16, 2011

Handi Hooks: The Stroller Accessory That Holds It All!

I have tried many stroller attachments in the past that are meant to hold shopping bags, and of those there is only one still standing:  Handi Hooks.
Handi Hooks attach with Velcro to any stroller handle or even sidebar.  Once hooked on tightly I did not have any problem with them sliding down or moving.  We use them on the push bar of our Bugaboo Frog and they work great to hold anything.  I have used them to hold the kid's backpacks, shopping bags, sippy cups...basically anything that has a handle (though just be careful of the weight tipping your stroller).  I like that unlike other stroller clips that serve the same purpose (aka: the awful Mommy Hook), these ones will NOT move on you.  I transfer them from stroller to stroller all the time and have never had a problem with them moving.  And for under $10, they are a must-have!

Disclosure: None.  I purchased these myself.

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