Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clipik-Professional Videos Of Your Most Precious Moments With DISCOUNT CODE

Clipik is an online service that takes your photos and videos and creates a professional video montage to share with family and friends.  I viewed this sample here, and have to say it had me in tears!  I love the way they blend photos with videos seamlessly to amazing music.  You pick the length of your video, the ratio of photos to video, the theme you would like, and the overall feel and ta-dah they send you your video!  You can be as detailed, or as hands-off as you like.

I like that the sample video showed the baby's milestones from a young infant to his first birthday and thought that was a great idea!  Only problem for me was I couldn't choose one kid out of my three.  I opted to create a video with all three of my kids that spanned just the last 4 months or so.  I had a lot of cute videos of them playing together and performing at school. I loaded them all on the Clipik website and gave them some general notes on what I would like.  I received an email the next day just confirming the look and feel I wanted and to see if I wanted to personalize the song.  I sent back my pick of song, answered a few questions and they took over from there.  Within a few days I had a draft to view and critic and either approve the video or send in some changes.  I really loved the feel and transitions of the video and thought it was great, but was a little concerned about the slightly blurry appearance.  I sent in my concerns and heard back immediately-wow, a company that has REAL people working for it! Hooray! I was assured that it was just due to the draft quality, but that all the photos and videos would be crisp in the original.

I went online and approved my video and within a day was sent the final draft, and it was AMAZING!!! I loved how they took the Hawaiian song I chose and seemed to meld it to my photos.  The transitions from photos to videos was smooth, and I even liked how the song in the background was turned down to allow the audio on the video to shine through as my daughter sang during a preschool performance.

What is best about Clipik is that you get a professional video that you can share online, or download and do whatever you want with it! You can even burn it on to a DVD and give it to family members as gifts!

I really encourage you to check out the sample video HERE and try Clipik for yourself! Mom's Life Made Followers can now get a Clipik video at a discount.  Just follow MLME via email through the following link:
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Then, go to and download your files, and enter CLIPIKLOVE at checkout to receive 20% off!

Disclosure: I was given a sample video from Clipik to use for this review.  All words and opinions are my own.

*I am sorry I could not include the video of my children; however, due to privacy reasons I was unable to attach it.  Hope you Mommies out there understand and will just have to take my word that I was happy with the quality :)

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