Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ChuChi: The Fuzzy Nightlight Friend

We really love our Cloud B Twilight Turtle Nightlight (see below), but now that the kids are getting older I was tired of them getting out of bed and restarting the light!
I began to look for something new and that is when I found ChuChi by Banana Design Lab!

The ChuChi nightlight is a small plush "creature" that has 2 settings: heartbeat red light in ChuChi's chest, or solid ambient light in ChuChi's head.  He is made of super-soft plush and has cute fuzzy hair that sticks straight up.  I really like that he is a small plush toy and that the nightlight components are not hard or noticeable inside his body.  His on/off switch is on his "paw" and is easy for kids to turn on/off themselves if needed (like for a trip to the bathroom).  The nightlights are on timers which stay lit for 2 minutes.

We love our ChuChi nightlights and recommend these for ages 18months and up.

Disclosure: None, I purchased these myself.  All words and opinions are my own.

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