Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teether Series: Nuby Softees Super Soft Teether

I have to say it...the Nuby Softees Super Soft Teether is one of our favorites here!  The name however is completely misleading! This teether is one of the hardest ones we have, which is probably why it is Mr. F's current favorite.  I am assuming that the name comes from the smooth exterior silicone, but the inside portion is extremely hard.

One feature I especially like about this teether is the hand shape.  The fingers are the perfect size for baby to stick in his mouth, after all doesn't he do that all the time with his own?  Each finger has a different raised design that helps to massage and stimulate the gums.  The lower portion of the ring can also be used as a teether and is a lot firmer than the fingers.  Mr. F even likes to angle the fingers into his mouth to reach the back gums (a feature not many teethers have).

The Nuby Softees Super Soft Teether even comes with a great carrying case that completely protects it; however, be aware that there are no holes for ventilation and that if you put the teether away damp mold could grow!

This teether is great for any age baby, and especially those that like firm teethers.  One disadvantage is that is VERY hard to find!  I found ours at a local discount store, but there are few out there online.

Disclosure: None.

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