Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Native Shoes-Best Kid's Summer Shoe!

If you love Crocs (or just great kid's shoes), then you will LOVE these shoes by Native.  I just bought a pair of the navy blue ones for Mr. F and I am in heaven.  As a die hard Crocs fan, I was so disappointed that his size 5 Crocs didn't fit him yet.  I even tried to fatten up his foot with socks, but to no avail!  Then today I found these amazing shoes by Native in the Jefferson style and here is what I love about them:

-They are super cute and look just like a pair of converse shoes!
-The have holes which are great to vent air and keep feet cool in the summer.
-The are VERY flexible and super light-weight.  I would compare the feel of these to Pediped shoes in that they are flexible enough for little walkers. Very different feel than Crocs.
-They are more narrow than Crocs and hug the feet.  The size 4/5 fits Mr. F great (he is about a size 3.5 now), has a very high arch, and a very high instep.
-They are super easy to get on a baby's foot.  Seriously! I got them on in about 2 seconds when he was wiggling!
-He can walk great in them.  This is saying a lot since he just started walking without help yesterday! He doesn't act like the shoes affect his ability to walk at all.
-There is a secure section over the heel NOT a heel strap.  This makes it great for a more tennis shoe type feel and great to keep on baby's feet.  I also think these might be allowed at my kid's preschool who has a no Crocs ban :(

I honestly can not say enough good things about this shoe! I can not wait to try and see if Jibbitz fit in the holes (check back for updates on that one).  The colors and styles are amazing.  Check out more here.  They also have a women's and men's line that I am curious about checking out as well.

This would make the best birthday gift for summer!

Disclosure: None, I purchased these myself because they are awesome!

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